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Foot Hammock

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Home & Office Desk Feet Hammock




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3.0 Watt, 5 Volt System Regulated

Solar Cell Type:



0.6 Amp (USB Port)


1 Year

People ask, what makes the Kickr™ II portable solar charger so flexible, and durable? It’s the CIGS solar technology they’re made with. While most solar, like monocrystalline is placed on a glass substrate which makes the units heavy, rigid, and very breakable, CIGS solar has the ability to place solar on a plastic backing. This allows the solar panels to be extremely flexible, super lightweight, and truly rugged. And this solar technology is patented so only EnerPlex sells these specific panels because our parent company Ascent Solar manufacures it. The EnerPlex Kickr™ II portable solar charger can charge a variety of USB-enabled devices, up to tablets. Obvoiusly, the more solar cells that are exposed to the sun, the stronger the charge will be. Therefore, our Kickr™ II & Kickr™ II+ two cell 3.0 watt flexible solar panels (and solar charging case) would be our slowest charging Kickr panel (5V @ 0.6 Amps), while the Kickr™ IV & IV+ with their four cells (5V @ 1.2 Amps) can charge small electronic devices like iPhones & iPads at about the same rate as being plugged into the wall outlet. The Kickr™ II solar charger is great for adding solar to any backpack, golf bag… even a moutain bike. Our CIGS solar is also made here, in the USA.

Easy inflation with a ball hand pump

Height adjusted vertically with a 3 layer expansion

Adjustable to all neck sizes

Great relief for neck pain